Hollard Street Upgrade (SA Eagle Square)
Johannesburg, South Africa
Completed 2001

GREENinc completed the refurbishment of SA Eagle Square (a section of the pedestrianised Hollard Street) in the Jo'burg CBD, at the end of 2001. This project is one of several exciting initiatives that have recently taken place, which promise to help rejuvenate the CBD.

The design challenge was to ensure a robust space, while at the same time celebrating the surrounding urban environment and city life. It was deemed important to make the space as people-friendly as possible, so extra attention was paid to the detailing of seating and lighting. The original lighting mast and period sculpture wall, along with the existing street trees, were retained.

The square is intersected diagonally, by in-situ cast concrete benches, as well as strips of mosaic inlay by artist Marco Cianfanelli. The mosaic depicts various scenes from life in Johannesburg, including a portrait of Nelson Mandela. Steel mast lights, with icons that also relate to Johannesburg, were designed for the space. Pre-cast concrete oval benches were placed around the existing trees.

The new paving specified for the square comprises alternating bands of different-coloured cobbles. A panel of honed sandstone tiles forms the base onto which a sculpture by Marco Cianfanelli casts an eagle shadow. A new entrance canopy was designed for the building, and a new bus shelter installed.


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