FNB Bank City Urban Environment Upgrade
Johannesburg CBD, Gauteng, South Africa
Completed 2013
Client: First National Bank

This semi-permanent installation allowed the FNB Bank City Courtyards situated in Johannesburg’s CBD, to be transformed from corridors of movement into two comfortable and inviting outdoor lounges. This was a challenging project for GREENinc as the design, coordination and implementation took place in the short time span of six months.

Each lounge space is defined by an artificial lawn bordered by timber planter boxes with indigenous plant material. These planter boxes provide a sense of enclosure and form a visual barrier between the occupants of the ‘lounge’ and the pedestrians on the sidewalk and the periphery of the courtyard. A selection of contemporary outdoor furniture add to the functionality and comfort of the outdoor lounge.

A temporary art installation suspended over Simmonds Street, celebrated FNB’s 175th birthday and also served as a visual link between the courtyards / ‘lounges’ on either side of the road. It comprised of hundreds of Plexiglas disks attached to stainless steel cables which were tensioned between the buildings on either side of the street. The artwork was inspired by the image of an Umbrella Thorn tree, which represents FNB’s corporate identity. When travelling from north to south along Simmonds Street, the arrangement of the disks created the image of an Umbrella Thorn. Three Plexiglas modules, in the corporate colours of FNB were used – a leaf, a flower and a pod, all inspired by the Umbrella Thorn. The artwork was transformed into a kinetic sculpture when the modules ‘danced’ in the breeze.

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