Thaba Moshate Hotel Casino Convention Resort
Burgersfort, Limpopo, South Africa
Completed 2015
Architect: Boogertman + Partners (JHB)
Client: Peermont Global

The landscape around the hotel and casino building were designed a sequence of outdoor rooms or courtyards spaces. The spaces area as follow:

  • Arrival Courtyard: Located on Peermont Boulevard, this courtyard is defined by planters and hedges and provides a sense of arrival to visitors.
  • Parking Courtyard: The parking area is defined by informal hedge planting. A flower sculpture, conceptualized by GREENinc and created by Helga Stassen of Glass Roots Studio, rises delicately from a circular pond in front of the casino entrance. The sculpture consists of 30 unique kiln fired glass flowers supported on stainless steel rods - their reflections sparkle lightly in the still water of the pond below. Due to the nature of the material, they continuously change in appearance depending on the quality and angle of sunlight at any given time. The colours of the flowers are influenced by aloe rosettes - yellows, oranges and reds - which are a recurring theme throughout the project.
  • Pool Courtyard: Defined by trees, raised planters and hedges, the pool courtyard consists of a pool, lawn, timber deck and bar. The courtyard is orientated to have a view over the Moroni Mountains and serves as a as a multipurpose event space.
  • Cafe Style Plaza: This informal seating area is located adjacent to the pool courtyard and serves as a break out space from the hotel’s restaurant and convention centre. A water-feature at the end of the passageway provides a focal point to the space while muffling any noise that may carry from the back-of-house area.
  • Tree lined Avenue: A wide pathway lined on either side with indigenous trees and planting, form a buffer between the pool courtyard and an adjacent service road. Timber benches placed in the shade provide comfortable seating for guests.
  • Lawn Terrace: Located on an upper terrace, this multi-purpose lawned area is used for special events. A wide border of Indigenous planting and veld-grasses, provide a gradual transition between the formal lawn and the existing mountain bushveld.
  • Smokers Garden: This walled garden with shade trees and seating, is located adjacent to the casino.

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