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Umhlanga Gateway Public Environment Upgrade

Umhlanga Ridge, Durban, Kwazulu Natal, South Africa | 2015

The Gateway circle and palm boulevards could be regarded as the heart of the Umhlanga Ridge Development. Situated in a traffic circle on the boulevard, this landscape was originally constructed during the development of the Gateway shopping centre and comprised of a sidewalk, landscaping and a fountain that was no longer functional. The refurbishment of this landscape forms part of a new holistic vision for Umhlanga Ridge.     

The idea was to create a bowl-shaped space that could be used for small events, while being intimate enough to function as a pocket park. By depressing the landscape 1,5 m below street level, it allowed us to provide a sense of enclosure and protection from the busy street. This sense of enclosure is reinforced by the over-sized perforated Cor-ten steel handrails. The playful fountains of the zero-depth water feature invites visitors into the space and adds a sense of vibrancy. Concealed lighting was introduced to make the space safe and functional for night time visitors and events.

* Images courtesy of Elphick Proome Architects

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