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The Houghton Apartments

Johannesburg, South Africa | 2010 - 2017

The Houghton is an upmarket development comprising of luxury residential apartments, constructed in four phases. The fifth phase of the project is a five star hotel of which construction is due to start in 2016. The development faces onto the Houghton Golf Course and residents enjoy views of the Sandton skyline.

Individual units are accessed off cobbled walkways, covered by beautiful old plane trees and bordered by raised beds of specially selected flowering bulbs and perennial species. Ground floor units have right of use of private gardens, each designed to suit the specific unit. Each garden has been crafted to provide privacy and quiet, while opening up to Golf course vistas and providing outdoor areas for recreation. Private lawns are bordered by a diverse range of grassland, bulbs and flowering shrubs that knit the individual spaces together.

There is good balance between hard and soft elements and materials such as timber and natural stone bring warmth to the spaces. Details like individually crafted garden gates, mosaic lined pools shaded with retractable awnings and sunken fire pit spaces bring a unique quality to the development. Built terraces and earth shaping help to hide fencing and security lines, thereby ensuring unhindered views.

The hotel will provide amenities such as conference facilities, restaurants, bars, a spa and a gym. These amenities will live out onto a central terraced landscape with an exotic pool, lush wooded gardens and natural streams that connect to water bodies on the golf course.

ILASA Award of Excellence (2015)

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