Matlosana Precinct Design

landscape architecture, urban design

Jouberton - Alabama Hub, City of Matlosana , North West, South Africa | 2018

The precinct plan for the Jouberton Alabama Hub expands on the urban framework competed by Holm Jordaan in 2016. Walkability and placemaking were key drivers in creating an integrated vision for a single precinct, that will accommodate social development infrastructure for two historically segregated neighbourhoods.


Access to services and employment have been identified as primary needs in the area. We were interested in the hypothesis that a well-planned urban environment, can facilitate the creation of opportunities for economic and social upliftment. The idea was to provide a variety of spaces for entrepreneurs, which combined with training and mentorship, would enable them to launch new small businesses. The different types of work spaces in the precinct will allow growing businesses to thrive and stay within the precinct when their spatial requirements change. Both indoor and outdoor spaces have been programmed to support a vibrant micro-economy.